SEK Acoustics 2, supplement to Acoustics 1

Price on request
Equipment set for carrying out 9 experiments on the topic Acoustics 2. You can see the exact contents of the equipment and the experiment topics in the attached "Appendices". If you only want to carry out individual experiments, you are welcome to select them in the Xperimente Configurator (see Experiments). (see Experiments).

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P9901-4T - SEK Acoustics 1

Price on request

With this equipment set and two mobile phones or tablets, you have a complete solution for 20 experiments on the generation,
propagation and analysis of sound. Thanks to a freely available app, the oscillator and function generator are not needed.
A loudspeaker (for the phone) in the set brings sound into the classroom.
Determine frequencies with the mobile phone.

Set consisting of:
1x DG100-3A Ruler, plastics, 300 mm
1x DW100-1A Tuning fork, 440 Hz, with resonance box
1x DW151-1T Drumstick with rubber ball
1x P3308-5B Beaker plastics, transparent
1x DW170-1K Slinky spring, plastics
1x DM385-2S Pendulum bob, steel, D=1"
1x P1353-1S Loudspeaker for mobile, with base plate
1x DW272-1B Sound level meter "mini"
1x DW150-1E Drum, D=200 mm, with rod
1x DW151-1H Drumstick, wooden
1x DE540-2S Styrofoam beads in a plastic box
2x C1370-2B Funnel plastics, D=70 mm
1x P7132-1A Tubing plastics, 7/10 mm, L = 100 cm, transp.
1x DW152-1P Pendulum ball, hard plastics, D = 40 mm

1x P7907-4T Box-insert "soft" Acoustics 1
1x P7806-1GU Storage box - bottom, II, big
1x P7806-1GV Storage box - lid, II, with fleece