New kit for your student experiments

Subject area: Mechanics - Acoustics

SEK Acoustics 1

We present:

Our new student experiment kit (SEK) for your physics lessons in middle schools. This makes student experiments in acoustics ...

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New kit for your student experiments

Subject area: Mechanics - Acoustics

SEK Acoustics 2

The ideal supplement to SEK Acoustics 1

This new student experiment kit (SEK) offers many more supplementary experiments on the subject area of acoustics. As always with us, student experiments are ...

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New demonstration experiment

Topic: Vibrations and waves

Rubens resonance tube

The best alternative to Kundt’s Tube!

Our Rubens resonance tube impressively demonstrates standing waves with different flame heights. Can be used in physics lessons at all types of schools, but also ideal for lecture preparation at physics institutes.

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New demonstration device

Topic: Electrostatics

Electroscope, demo model

Sensitive electroscope with a 20 cm long carbon pointer for detecting electric charges, especially in demonstration experiments on frictional electricity.

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New demonstration set

Subject area: Electrodynamics

Current balance

Instrument set for the teaching lesson

In combination with our demo multimeter, suitable as a demonstration experiment or, with our analogue and digital multimeters, also excellent for use in student experiments. Of course, both work ...

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New demonstration modell

Subject area: Optics - light and shadow

Sun-Earth-Moon Model, Demo

Large demonstration model to illustrate the formation of the times of day and seasons, the phases of the moon and eclipses.

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Student experimental set

Topic: Power, work, efficiency

Lamp energy comparator

The ideal complement to the SEK Power, Work and Efficiency.

Compare the luminous efficacy of a classic light bulb with that of a modern LED bulb. As always with us, student experiments are ...

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New interface for digital teaching

Subject area: Digital measurement


Powerful, mobile interface with touch screen for recording, displaying and editing measured values in biology, chemistry and physics. Therefore, the VinciLab2 can be excellently used in interdisciplinary lessons in the laboratory or in the open field.:

The Android operating system, HDMI output for external displays, WLAN connection and the powerful Coach7 software make the VinciLab2 the ideal device for student experiments and demonstration experiments.

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Analogue multimeter for student experiments

Subject area: Electricity - measuring instruments

Multimeter analogue 20

A class of its own!

Our analogue multimeter - specially developed for use in student experiments:

Robust housing with attractive design and electronic overload protection in all measuring ranges - no more fuses! Large, clear mirror scale with didactically sensible division - no overloaded, multi-coloured and tiny scales! Of course with 4 mm safety sockets.

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Variable transformer for demo experiments

Subject area: Demo power supplies

Variable transformer, 0 ... 24 V, 6 A

Universally applicable power supply for DC and AC voltages (AC/DC) of higher load capacity. Overload and short-circuit protected by thermal circuit breakers.

As with all our demo measuring and power supply units, the display is still perfectly visible even in the last row!

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The Nobel Prize Experiment by R. Millikan

Subject area: Quantum phenomena

Millikan apparatus

Experimental set-up for determining the elementary electric charge e and for demonstrating the quantum nature of the electric charge q.

Our compact apparatus for the Millikan experiment can be used in secondary school as well as in the basic physics practical course or in the minor practical course of all scientific disciplines at university.

Best quality at the best price!

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Safety in the classroom

We take the safety of our students very seriously when they are experimenting in science lessons. Therefore, our voltage and power supply devices for student experiments are of course RiSU-compliant!

NTL RiSU Siegel

We have compiled a list of RiSU-compliant student power supplies from our range.

The NTL Xperimente Configurator

Choose from more than 900 demonstration experiments for teachers or from more than 600 student experiments (for student groups) your optimised equipment configurations on experiment level. NTL Xperiments Configurator

NTL Xperimente Konfigurator

You can select as many experiments as you like and the necessary equipment and parts will be listed automatically and optimised. You can either download the list created in this way as a document for further processing or place it directly in the shopping basket of our webshop.

Sustainability in the Physics Collection

We are doing something for our climate and our environment: As the first teaching materials manufacturer in Germany, we have been producing the storage boxes of our equipment sets for student experiments from 100% recycled plastic since summer 2021!

NTL Recycling Logo

This way, your physics teaching materials collection will also become a bit more sustainable: Rethink – Recycle – Reuse.

NTL - Your strong partner for science and technology teaching aids

Our group of companies develops, manufactures and markets high-quality experiment equipment and systems for physics. The first NTL item was designed in 1985. This was the yellow \"plug-in block\" on which the logo is based as well. In the meantime, we have more than 35 years of experience and know-how in equipping schools with teaching aids, equipping basic physics practicals at universities, preparing lectures at institutes and in-house training at companies.

Currently, our range of teaching aids for student and demonstration experiments in physics lessons comprises about 2,300 items - approx. 1,900 of which are our own developments, created in close cooperation with experienced teachers.

What distinguishes us...

Physics teaching aids are our core competence.

We take the safety of students during experiments very seriously. Therefore, our voltage and power supply devices for student experiments are of course RISU-compliant.

What we offer you...

Concrete needs assessment for initial and expansion equipment, also for existing collections of third-party products, on-site at the customer's premises.

Needs-based consultation - if desired, directly at the customer's premises - on the basis of our equipment proposals, including individually prepared equipment offers.

Ready-made equipment proposals for a complete initial equipment of your school based on our many years of experience, also in dialogue with numerous teachers and the current teaching and educational curricula of all types of schools in secondary levels I and II.

Training in our system at the customer's premises - especially for teachers from other disciplines.

Service, advice and assistance in the daily routine of testing - also after the training phase of the teachers - by our competent and qualified staff.

What is important to us...

What is important to us...

The fun of all pupils in experimenting, so that physics becomes tangible again.

Our climate and our environment.


Real experiments,

that are easy to set up and

can be carried out quickly,

and lead to reliable results?

With NTL this is possible...

... simple - fast - safe!