Electromagnetism Set "demo", simple

Price on request
Kit consisting of:
1x DE452-2B U-shaped core, laminated
1x DE452-3B Iron core, short, laminated
2x DE452-4B Vise grip pliers
1x DE453-1C Coil "demo" with 300 turns, yellow
1x DE453-1D Coil "demo" with 600 turns, blue
1x DE453-1E Coil "demo" with 1200 turns, black
1x DE452-2N Iron core, solid, 105x28x28 mm
1x DE453-3N Iron core, solid, L=216 mm
2x DE454-1F Flat plug
1x DE452-1D Moving iron meter, coil accessory
1x DP410-1N Nails, box of, nickel-plated
1x DE407-1C Magnets "neo", pair, button type, large
1x P3410-2K Magnetic field sensor "neo"

1x P7917-EM Box insert Electromagnetism, MBC
1x P7806-1K Storage box II small, with cover
Box-insert plan with 2 labels