Variable Power Supply, 0 - 24V AC/DC, 6 A

Price on request

Variable power supply for DC and AC voltages of higher load capacity,
overload and short-circuit protected by thermal circuit breakers.


Technical data:
Output voltage: 0 ... 24 V AC or DC, continuously adjustable, max. 6 A
Digital display: LED 7-segment display, three-digit, digit height: 26 mm;
large selector switch for display of DC or AC voltage;
output voltages can be taken from 4-mm safety sockets;
LED indicator for display of active output socket pair;
galvanic isolation from mains;
on/off switch on rear;
ripple of DC voltage: < 1 Vrms at nominal load
Fuses: 3 automatic circuit breakers, 1 fuse for display, 1 fuse for mains input
ABS plastic housing with 2 handles;
Supply voltage: 230 V AC/50 ... 60 Hz (200 VA);
Dimensions: 260x217x150 mm;
Weight: approx. 6,860 g


The advantages:
.) The DC output actually supplies DC voltage - and not just rectified AC voltage.
.) The output power is excellent: 24.2 V AC at 7.2 A AC and 23.5 V DC at 6.0 A and less than 4 Vpp ripple.
.) The three thermal circuit breakers protect against overcurrents and short-circuits, even between the two output pairs.
.) LED indicator for displaying the active output socket pair,
.) LED 7-segment display, three digits, digit height: 26 mm
.) Large selector switch for displaying the DC or AC voltage.
.) ABS plastic housing with 2 handles.
.) We do not use switching power supplies, so this device does not emit any electromagnetic interference (EMI).
.) We use a toroidal transformer with the following advantages:
     + less weight
     + significantly improved guidance of the magnetic field
     + significantly weaker stray field
     + slightly higher efficiency
     + lower voltage rise in no-load operation.
.) All components are mounted on a metal chassis, making the construction very stable.