Dip needle, 200 mm, demo

Price on request
To determine the angle of inclination of the field lines of the earth's magnetic field against the horizontal;
very sensitive, fine-mounted magnetic needle, dark end pointing towards north
(the needle is not painted as this would result in an uneven mass distribution and thus an inaccurate result);
solid white back plate made of acrylic glass, with semi-circular scale (2 x 0 - 90° in 1° increments);
transparent, semi-circular front plate to protect the needle;
with direction template and installation base; with handle: L = 30 mm, D = 10 mm;
shock-proof packaging using a sturdy cardboard box;
Length of magnetic needle: 200 mm
Digit height on scale: 12 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 284 x 21 x 312 mm