Sun - Earth - Moon model, demo

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A demonstration device to illustrate the movements of the Earth and Moon around the Sun.
The particularly intense light source and the large dimension of the Earth as well as the Moon make this device unique.
In the model of the sun, two yellow plastic discs are illuminated by a powerful light source.
The discs and light source are mounted on a metal bracket with a carrying handle and are placed directly on a table.
The earth consists of a large globe.
By means of a metal axle, this can be rotated in its own axis as well as mounted in any base or moved by hand.
The axis is also inclined, allowing the effects of the obliquity of the ecliptic to be shown.
The moon can be attached to the axis of the earth by a metal bracket and thus rotated around it.
The Sun and the Moon can be coupled by the tripod rail with scale, L=1000 mm DS101-3B, thus obtaining a "compact tellurium".
The claw base "Sepp", 260 x 220 mm (DS090-3K) for holding "the earth" is not included in the scope of delivery.


The following phenomena can be explained experimentally:
Times of day (day and night)
Seasons (different times of day and night)
Moon phases
Solar and lunar eclipses
Lunar motion and tides


Technical data:
Sun - diameter: 370 mm
Earth - diameter: 200 mm
Moon - diameter: 60 mm
Light source: LED floodlight 50 W, 3500 lumen, 4000 K
Light source protection class: IP44 (suitable for outdoor use)
Power supply: 230 V
Mass (of both parts): approx. 3370 g