Millikan apparatus, compact unit with display

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Compact device for demonstrating the quantum nature of the electric charge q and for determining the elementary charge e.
All sensors and measuring devices are integrated - no further, external devices are required!

The compact experimental set-up allows, on the one hand, the quantum nature of the electric charge q
and also the determination of the elementary electric charge e.



Basic unit with attached experimental chamber. A plate capacitor with a central opening for the entry of the oil droplets is integrated,
which can be generated with the atomiser unit. The oil droplets are illuminated by green LEDs whose intensity is continuously adjustable.
For clean working, the experimental chamber is protected by a cover. 
The oil droplets are observed through a measuring microscope with a special eyepiece,
which allows the oil droplets to be tracked across the entire field of view.
Operation is via switches and dials on the base unit and on the display unit with touch screen.
All sensors and measuring devices required for evaluation are already integrated -
no external measuring devices are required:
Voltage U, rise and fall time tS and tF as well as temperature T, pressure p and viscosity n are displayed on the screen
for each measurement in real time.


The evaluation of the measurements can optionally be carried out either via the float-sink method or the rise-sink method.
The integrated timer circuit automatically starts and stops the respective time measurements when the capacitor voltage is switched on and off.


Technical data:
Dimensions: 32 x 41 x 24 cm
Mass: approx. 4.2 kg (incl. power supply unit)

Scope of delivery:
1x basic unit, incl. experimental chamber
1x measuring microscope
1x oil atomiser
50 ml oil for Millikan apparatus
1x plug-in power supply unit, 12 V(AC) / 0.5 A