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P9901-4T - SEK Acoustics 1

Price on request

With this equipment set and two mobile phones or tablets, you have a complete solution for 20 experiments on the generation,
propagation and analysis of sound. Thanks to a freely available app, the oscillator and function generator are not needed.
A loudspeaker (for the phone) in the set brings sound into the classroom.
Determine frequencies with the mobile phone.

Set consisting of:
1x DG100-3A Ruler, plastics, 300 mm
1x DW100-1A Tuning fork, 440 Hz, with resonance box
1x DW151-1T Drumstick with rubber ball
1x P3308-5B Beaker plastics, transparent
1x DW170-1K Slinky spring, plastics
1x DM385-2S Pendulum bob, steel, D=1"
1x P1353-1S Loudspeaker for mobile, with base plate
1x DW272-1B Sound level meter "mini"
1x DW150-1E Drum, D=200 mm, with rod
1x DW151-1H Drumstick, wooden
1x DE540-2S Styrofoam beads in a plastic box
2x C1370-2B Funnel plastics, D=70 mm
1x P7132-1A Tubing plastics, 7/10 mm, L = 100 cm, transp.
1x DW152-1P Pendulum ball, hard plastics, D = 40 mm

1x P7907-4T Box-insert "soft" Acoustics 1
1x P7806-1GU Storage box - bottom, II, big
1x P7806-1GV Storage box - lid, II, with fleece